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Hi! I am Paresa and my name means cypress (Kyparissia – Paressa)- it’s is one of the rarest and most ancient female names in the Pontic dialect. And no, I want to believe that I am not a ¨paresseuse¨, a lazy girl, that is…!

I love dots, holes and circles as well as bright, happy colors. These are the trademark elements of my work and they subconsciously help me find the balance between adulthood and childhood.

I graduated from the Mokume School of Arts, specializing in the design and production of handmade jewelry, I have attended design classes alongside visual artists as well as various art seminars. I have also taken part in many group art exhibitions while for several years I had my very own art studio in Athens.

For the past two decades I have been active in the field of art, making jewelry and objects, while at the same time being a mother of two one-of-a-kind daughters.

For me, design, in any form is the basis of any creative process and I consider myself very lucky to be able to express myself through it. All my creations are handmade, leaving no room for them to be exactly reproduced. I look for each piece to be unique, as is the mood of our every moment.

Since 2020, I have been living on the island of Amorgos as part of an effort to embrace a different life style for my family and myself.

Thank you for visiting my website and meeting my creations!

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