Cube of protection ” eye protect you”


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”eye protect you”

”eye am a bright cloak
eye protect you
from every difficulty
eye become
a shield of love
let it go in trust ”

This is an original work of art. Hand processed and painted, each fruit of the ”Brachychiton populneus” tree transforms into a unique discrete shield of protection. A decorative object for your living area or work office.
Share this cube with your beloved ones and keep an eye on them in rough seas.

The eye comes nested in a matching box, created with the help of my friend, artist Anne Kern.


Handmade and handpainted, with love and care!

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 8 cm

acrylic colours, tree fruit

This is an one of a kind work of art, structurally based on the alive and breathing ''Brachychiton populneus'' tree. Each fruit differs in shape and dimensions. Your ''eye'' will always be a unique embodiment of the elegant randomness in nature. The exact reproduction of the listed products cannot be quaranteed.The ''eye'' you receive, will be chosen at random.